News from all fields

New Level 5 Diploma in Sustainable Agricultural Management

Announcing a new training with a focus on developing and deepening sustainable agricultural practice with an emphasis on biodynamic and organic practice and methods, beginning at Emerson College, Sussex, UK in September 2014. … >>

Swiss online platform “Without you” urges support for foreigners

When Switzerland voted by a very narrow margin in a referendum in February to restrict immigration, three Swiss citizens felt moved to do something about it.  … >>

Scientific congresses on Anthroposophic

Medicine – June 2014 – Leiden, The Netherlands … >>

The Enigma of Potentisation

The Enigma of Potentisation

'New Perspectives In Science 2014' is the fourth conference about scientific endeavors inspired by Anthroposophy.

 … >>

Witten International Network

Newly founded student initiative wants better integration of international exchange students into university and student life at UW/H. … >>

Rebuilding the Goetheanum Stage

The process of breaking-down of the "old" Goetheanum stage is completed. The inside of the Goetheanum stage area is comparable to a cube. The "Renovation Newsletter" no. 3, documents this turning point from breaking down to rebuilding the stage and gives a look into further restoration work to come. … >>

The “very modern” crises of 1914

~ NNA series: The upheavals of the First World War ~  … >>

Founding a Waldorf school in the midst of economic crisis

NNA correspondent Cornelie Unger-Leistner visited the Waldorf project group in the Greek capital.  … >>

Haiyan – the monster storm

After the storm, the flood. Since typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines and other parts of the south-east Asia last month, followed by severe flooding, emergency aid has been pouring into the country.  … >>

Biodynamic rice makes its mark

For the first time in almost forty years it will produce so much rice that some of it can even be exported. … >>

Trauma of war

Successful emergency education action in Lebanon creates basis for further work … >>

Call for greater civil society engagement

Von Uexkull described the manifesto of the World Future Council as a “new brand” to save civilisation. … >>

Ethical banks call for positive vision of the financial system

Ethical banks from around the world have called for a fundamental transformation of the financial system to create greater stability and make people its focus.  … >>

Weleda returns to profitability

A year after the cosmetics and medicines producer Weleda posted losses of over eight million euros, the company has stopped the slide and reported a return to profitability.  … >>

Anthroposophical Studies: Trip to Weimar

The students of the Anthroposophical Studies in English made their annual pilgrimage to Weimar (March 15 – 17, 2013) to witness the rich cultural life that developed under the patronage of Archduke Carl August and was centered on the exceptional life of Goethe. … >>