Expansion and Professionalization



Many new schools, farms, study courses, training centers, clinics, pharmaceutical and therapeutic institutions and places for curative education and therapy which have their roots in anthroposophy are started around the world. A new period of development is launched with the founding of Herdecke Community Hospital in Germany in 1969.

Professional training programs in biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophically extended medicine and artistic professions are started in all parts of the world. Fundamental research at private institutes as well as colleges and universities is reflected in scientific, professional and general anthroposophical publications.

Associations and committees independent of the Anthroposophical Society form to coordinate the various activities. The Anthroposophical Society acts as a center and contact point for various movements through professional conferences, cultural exchange and research. Lively local, regional and international conference activity develops. Study centers offering a wide range of courses are started in various places.


In the 1980s new anthroposophical cultural initiatives begin in social crisis points, such as non-apartheid Waldorf schools and kindergartens in South Africa, cultural work in the slums of Sao Paulo, social work in prisons, addiction therapy, care for the aged, etc.