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Addresses and Links


Anthromedics is an online specialist portal for anthroposophic medicine that provides articles on anthroposophic medicine for doctors, nurses and therapists working in practices or clinics or being trained. It is published by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach/Switzerland, the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine in Dornach/Switzerland and the Society of Anthroposophic Doctors in Germany.

Medical Section at the Goetheanum
4143 Dornach


ATKA – Anthroposophical Academy for Art and Therapy

The Anthroposophical Academy for Therapy and Art offers various anthroposophically oriented courses of study in arts and therapy.

Ruchti-Weg 5
4143 Dornach

Tel 061 701 52 12  |  info@atka.ch


Anthroposophical art therapy studies, with specialisation in sculpture and painting therapy

The course offers part-time modular training in sculpture and painting therapy with a state-recognised qualification (iARTe / OdA Artecura).

Ruchtiweg 5
4143 Dornach
Studiengang Kunsttherapie

Barbara Steinemann



Rhythmic Massage study programme

Rhythmic massage is a complementary therapy based on the holistic understanding of the human being characteristic of anthroposophical anthropology. The friction applied, the grip of the hand, the pressure exerted on the tissues and the rhythmic cadence of this type of massage have a profound and invigorating effect, aimed at shaping or loosening, warming the entire body through breathing, heartbeat, heat distribution and metabolism.

Place of tuition: Zurich
Studiengang Rhytmische Massage

Liliane Ammann Albertin
Thomas Bur
Dr. med. Angela Kuck
Claudia Zangger



Music Therapy study programme Orpheus

The School for Music Therapy 'Orpheus' was founded in 1997 and offers part-time music therapy training based on the anthroposophical view of man.

Orpheus Music Therapy

Anna-Barbara Hess
Laura Piffaretti



Sculpture Art Academy

The School of sculpture at the Goetheanum was founded in 1926 and has been offering training in sculpture art therapy since 1980.

Dorneckstrasse 64
4143 Dornach
Plastic School

Ulrikke Stokholm
Elke Dominik
Michaela Schulz-Marzan

Anthroposophic art therapies in Switzerland | List

List of therapists and of therapy methods from the Swiss Association for Anthroposophic Art Therapy (SVAKT).

Anthroposophical places of training in Switzerland

Booklet (in German, French and Italian)


Anthrosana is a Swiss patient organization on an anthroposophic basis. It provides information on all aspects of health, illness and lifestyle.In addition, she is committed to the promotion and recognition of complementary medicine in Switzerland, especially anthroposophic medicine.

Postplatz 5
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 701 15 14  |  info@anthrosana.ch

Association of Anthroposophical Doctors in Switzerland – VAOAS

The association promotes anthroposophical medicine and its integration into the Swiss healthcare system by advocating the legal recognition of anthroposophical medicine and its medicinal products and is committed to a well-founded range of basic and advanced training courses.

Pfeffingerweg 1
4144 Arlesheim
Direct link to the doctor lists

Tel 061 705 75 11  |  info@vaoas.ch

Association for Anthroposophical Nursing in Switzerland – APIS

The association supports people who are looking for a spiritual and scientific approach to nursing.

Kantonsspital St. Gallen
Greithstrasse 20, Haus 33
9007 St.Gallen

Tel 079 850 73 98  | info@apis-saes.ch

Association for Anthroposophical Pharmacy in Switzerland – VAEPS

The main concern of the association is to communicate the special aspects of the pharmaceutical processes for the production of anthroposophical medicines to the outside world. To ensure the anthroposophic direction of therapy, VAEPS communicates as a competent, independent partner with authorities at federal and EU level and represents their concerns in various expert committees.

Quidumweg 18
4143 Dornach

Tel 061 228 79 26  |  info@vaeps.ch

Association for Cancer Research

The main goals of the Association for Cancer Research are to ensure, optimize and further develop holistic cancer therapy based on anthroposophical medicine and pharmacy.

Kirschweg 9
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 706 29 29  | info@vfk.ch


Association for Rhythmic Massage in Switzerland – VRMS

The rhythmic massage according to Dr. Ita Wegman is one of the therapy methods of anthroposophical medicine. The professional association has been promoting rhythmic massage therapy since 1994 and represents today the interests and professional concerns of its members. It also supports training, further education and research projects.

Im Chloster 32
8214 Gächlingen
www.vrms.ch  |
Direct link to therapist list

Administrative office VRMS
Tel 052 681 14 81  |  sekretariat@vrms.ch

Find an anthroposophic doctor

CH: Lists of doctors from the Association of Anthroposophical Doctors in Switzerland (VAOAS)

Medical seminar in anthroposophic medicine

Part-time medical seminar with an introduction to the basics of anthroposophic medicine and specialization in its different fields.


Doris Grossen (Office of the medical seminar)

Medical seminar for anthroposophic medicine

The part-time medical seminar is aimed at doctors and medical students who are looking for a scientific and spiritual supplement to conventional medicine and who want to familiarize themselves with anthroposophic medicine working in groups and with a mentoring.


Dr. med. Christoph Schulthess
Tel  091 850 20 00  |  j.ch.schulthess@aerzteseminar.ch
Doris Grossen
Tel  061 411 08 36  |  doris.grossen@gmail.com

bilden + beraten Neuhaus

Training and further education in the healthcare sector as well as counselling and support for carers, relatives and those affected.

Steigerweg 8
3006 Bern

Contact us
Ursa Neuhaus
Tel 031 311 28 36, 079 797 58 09  | bilden.beraten@bluewin.ch

Casa Andrea Cristoforo

Casa Andrea Cristoforo owes its foundation to Doctor Ita Wegman. In the middle of a rich and beautiful Mediterranean garden on Lake Maggiore, our guests can find space and time to achieve and maintain mental and physical balance, either after an illness or a hospitalisation, due to convalescence, cancer treatment or in case of a nervous breakdown, an existential crisis or even simply to take some days off and enjoy a holiday in a peaceful and healthy background. In addition to the wide range of therapies, at Casa, a particular attention is directed to healthy and customised diets. The cultural programme aims to provide exciting entertainment and thus to support and consolidate the healing process of our guests.

Strada Collinetta 25
6612 Ascona

Tel 091 786 96 00  |  mail@casa-andrea-cristoforo.ch

Eurythmy therapy training Dornach

Eurythmy therapy training full and part time.


Kaspar Zett, Head of the training program
Tel 079 570 00 48  |  Tel 076 478 30 90  | info@heileurythmie-ausbildung.ch

Eurythmy Therapy – List of therapists working in Switzerland

List of therapists from the Swiss Eurythmy Therapy Association

Asta Blumfeldt Foundation

The foundation specifically promotes projects to research anthroposophic medicine and anthroposophically developed remedies.

Dornachweg 14
4144 Arlesheim

Mathias Forster
Tel 061 701 78 88  | mathias.forster@astablumfeldt.ch

Foundation 'La Clairière'

The approach of the Foundation La Clairière aims to enable people aged 16 to 24 and suffering from mental disorders, addiction and/or difficulties in social integration to develop healing and adaptation skills in a diversified therapeutic context.


Chamby-sur-Montreux: Tél 021 964 34 53  | admin@la-clairiere.ch
Fenil-sur-Corsier: Tél 021 921 93 14  | fenil@la-clairiere.ch

Foundation for Anthroposophical Medicine

Foundation to support the international work of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum.

Postfach 156
4143 Dornach

Tel 061 706 43 70  |  info@fanthromed.ch

Hiscia Research Institut

The main task of the Hiscia research institute, founded in 1949, is the processing of botanical, pharmaceutical and preclinical projects. The aim is to further develop preparations made from mistletoe and other medicinal plants and to investigate their effectiveness in integrative cancer therapy.

Kirschweg 9
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 706 29 29  | info@vfk.ch

Haus Bodana

Haus Bodana is run as a retirement and nursing home and at the same time as a residential home for people who draw a disability pension in Switzerland (IV Rente)

Kehlhofstrasse 47
8599 Salmsach

Tel 071 466 02 02  |  info@bodana.ch

Institut für Komplementäre und Integrative Medizin – IKIM, Universität Bern

The Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (IKIM) is part of the University of Bern and integrates conventional and complementary medicine in research, teaching, and patient care. It consists of three divisions: Anthroposophically extended Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, and Phytotherapy.

Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Division AEM
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Bern

Tel 031 631 81 40  |  aem@ikim.unibe.ch

International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations - IVAA

The IVAA promotes the recognition of anthroposophic medicine and its implementation in health care systems worldwide.

Rue du Trône 194
B-1050 Bruxelles
Link to the national IVAA members

Tel +32 26 44 00 22  | contact@ivaa.info 


Iscador AG

Iscador AG is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and scientifically researches plant-based preparations for integrative cancer treatment. The holistic approach focuses not only on the disease but on each person as an individual.

Kirschweg 9
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 706 72 22  |  info@iscador.ch

Klinik Arlesheim

The doctor Ita Wegman founded the first anthroposophic clinic in Arlesheim in 1921. Today's Arlesheim Clinic offers a wide range of outpatient care in addition to inpatient services such as internal medicine, oncology, psychiatry/psychosomatic medicine and a 24-hour internal emergency. In the diagnosis, treatment, care and therapy of patients, conventional medicine is supplemented by an approach based on the anthroposophical study of the human being.

Pfeffingerweg 1
4144 Arlesheim

Tel  061 705 71 11  |  info@klinik-arlesheim.chWegman Klinik und der Lukas Klinik.

Klinik Arlesheim - Trainings

The Arlesheim Clinic offers a wide range of training courses. The focus is on medicine, nursing and artistic therapies.

Pfeffingerweg 1
4144 Arlesheim
www.klinik-arlesheim.ch, Ausbildungen

Silvia Stöckler (responsible for trainings)
Tel  061 705 71 11  |  silvia.stoeckler@klinik-arlesheim.ch

Medical Section at the Goetheanum

As one of eleven sections of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach (Switzerland), the Medical Section is the international coordination centre for Anthroposophic Medicine.

4143 Dornach

Adam Blanning, Marion Debus, Karin Michael
Tel  061 706 42 90  |  info@medsektion-goetheanum.ch

Musiktherapie MUT

Music therapy aims to move people with music and to use music on the way to healing. It is accessible to almost everyone, for example for small children accompanied by their parents, young people, adults and people who are at the end of their lives.

Luzernerstrasse 71
6030 Ebikon

Laura Piffaretti
Tel  079 791 33 70  |

Patients Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine in Europe - EFPAM

List to the members, from the European Federation of Patients' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine EFPAM.


Professional association for biographical work in Switzerland - BBAS

The biographical work is based on the humanistic research results of Rudolf Steiner in relation to human development. Various ways have been developed to support people in their work on their biographies so that they can find answers to their individual questions about life.


Andrea Motte
Tel 061 273 11 17[nbsp] | a.motte@bluemail.ch

Research departments at anthroposophic hospitals and clinics in Switzerland

Clinic Arlesheim, Arlesheim
www.klinik-arlesheim.ch, Forschung

Retirement and nursing home 'Birkenrain'

At the center of our thoughts, experiences and actions is the elderly person with their uniqueness and their individual needs, desires and worries.

Bellariastrasse 21, 8002 Zürich

Leila Walker (manager)
Tel 044 206 47 00  |  sekretariat@birkenrain.ch 

Retirement and nursing home Haus Martin

Family residential and nursing home of the public pension scheme. The Haus Martin bases the care of people on the anthroposophical image of man.

Dorneckstrasse 31
4143 Dornach

Tel 061 705 40 00  |  info@hausmartin.ch

Retirement and nursing home Sonnengarten

The Sonnengarten - a place for shaping your life in old age.

Etzelstrasse 6
8634 Hombrechtikon

Tel 055 254 45 00  |  info@sonnengarten.ch

Retirement and nursing home Rüttihubelbad

Rüttihubelbad is a lively community at the gateway to the Emmental.

Rüttihubel 29
3512 Walkringen

Rhythmic Massage | List

List of therapists from the Association of Rhythmic Massage Switzerland (VRMS)

List Rhythmic Massage

Soleo – Academy for Nursing – Switzerland

Life needs care - from the beginning to the end of life. In order to do justice to nursing tasks today, a holistic understanding of people and nursing actions is essential for professional nursing. With Soleo, anthroposophic nursing training is nationally networked and made accessible to a broad public.

Bergstrasse 7
8808 Richterswil

Tel 044 251 52 70  |  kontakt@soleo-akademie.ch

St. Peter Apotheke

The pharmacy is characterized by a comprehensive range of complementary medicine and anthroposophic medicines and natural cosmetics. It convinces with professional and human competent advice and is open 365/y from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

St. Peterstrasse 16
8001 Zürich

Tel  044 211 44 77  |  mail@stpeter-apotheke.com

Support Association for Anthroposophical Medicine

The Support Association for Anthroposophical Medicine financially supports the anthroposophical medicine, care, research and therapy, so that more and more people can benefit from this holistic medicine as a healing path.

Bergstrasse 7
8805 Richterswil

Christoph Messmer
Tel 044 251 51 35  | info@foerderverein-anthromedizin.ch

Swiss Association for Anthroposophic Art Therapy – SVAKT

The association promotes the anthroposophic art therapies (sculpturing, painting, music and speech therapy) through research, teaching and further education activities together with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. The association represents art therapies to public and private institutions.

J.J. Balmer-Strasse 3
4053 Basel

061 381 25 82  |  info@svakt.ch

Swiss Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association (HEBV-CH)

The Swiss Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association is a professional association for all eurythmy therapists in Switzerland who have completed training recognized by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. It negotiates with insurance companies and authorities, does public relations work and provides the profession with a secure basis in the constantly changing healthcare market.

Oberer Zielweg 60
4143 Dornach

Liliana Rossier (Administrative office)
Tel 061 701 72 94  |  info@heileurythmie.ch

Unterengadin Health Center - CSEB

The Center da sandà Engiadina Bassa offers integrative oncological, medical and psychosomatic rehabilitation programs at the Clinica Curativa. Integrative medicine is based on a holistic view of the human being: body, soul and spirit are included in the diagnosis and treatment.

Via da l'Ospidal 280
7550 Scuol

Tel  081 861 13 00  | clinica.curativa@cseb.ch Klinik und der Lukas Klinik.


Wala's range of medicines includes around 400 medicines available in a variety of dosage forms for internal and external use, for all phases of life and different indications. They are prescribed by general practitioners and specialists and used in hospitals or are available for self-medication. In addition, Wala offers with Dr. Hauschka a wide range of cosmetic products.

Bärenplatz 2
3011 Bern
www.walaarzneimittel.ch  |  www.dr.hauschka.com

Tel 031 388 80 10  |  info@wala.ch


Weleda is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and anthroposophical medicines. For the quality and effectiveness of Weleda medicines the raw materials and formulas are so important as the manufacturing process.

Dychweg 14
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 705 21 21  |  dialog@weleda.ch



The focus of Widar's work is the effort to support human dignity into old age. A coordination office places the volunteers with people who have turned to Widar with their troubles, worries and needs.

Oberer Zielweg 60
4143 Dornach

Coordination office
Hana Römer und Nanna Osmer 
Answering machine  061 706 84 42  |  widar@anthroposophie.ch