Towards a Holistic Science

Discourse on the good, the true - the stuff of science - and the beautiful seem so distinct from one another, as distinct as religion is from science or art. And science is science. Or so it seems to be.

Yet it is our interests (an aesthetic drive?) as well as our beliefs which define the business of science: We believe that mathematics helps us understand the world, that the sun will rise tomorrow or that we are ultimately responsible for our technology.

An anthroposophically oriented science feels it important to take these more or less conscious moments of 'doing science' more seriously. Where are the sources of these so different thought-structures? How different is the gut certainty of two and three being five from the deliberations leading to the judgement that it is a 'plane and not a bird on wing flying overhead. And all of these require a more or less heart-felt interest for the issue to be kept in human consciousness.

This seemingly introspective approach serves to sharpen our perceptions of the individual phenomena, of their interconnections as well as of their consequences for the world. Rudolf Steiner called this extension of the scientific method Goetheanism.


Summer School Iona and Isle of Mull

The association "Anblick" gives an overview of recenct and upcoming activities, including a public theme night on the 2017 Iona Summer school.

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Will robots teach us to communicate properly?

Interaction with robots in our everyday lives can have a positive influence, says the philosopher Prof. Birger Priddat, in that it forces us to communicate rationally. Machines could in this way contribute to shaping our culture.

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The cosmos in your living room

It reflects the real relationships between the planets transformed into sound and transposed to be suitable for human hearing. … >>

The Enigma of Potentisation

The Enigma of Potentisation

'New Perspectives In Science 2014' is the fourth conference about scientific endeavors inspired by Anthroposophy.

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Am 10. Juni 2006 Symposium der Paul Schatz Stiftung in Basel

Am Samstag, den 10. Juni, findet im SCALA BASEL von 9.45 bis 22 Uhr ein Symposium der Paul Schatz Stiftung zur Förderung von Zukunftstechnologien statt. … >>


Goetheanum, Dornach

Iona Impulse - open evening

Information about the Iona Impulse and related subject, including a presentation about the 2017 Iona Summer School- with Ruedi Bind, Renatus Derbidge, Dirk Kruse, Johannes Sloendregt, Hans-Christian Zehnter.

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