«The Anthroposophical Society is in no sense a secret society, but is entirely public. Anyone can become a member, without regard to nationality, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, who considers as justified the existence of an institution such as the Goetheanum in Dornach, in its capacity as a School of Spiritual Science. The Anthroposophical Society rejects any kind of sectarian activity. Party politics it considers not to be within its task.»

Foundation Statute §4 of the Anthroposophical Society

Become a Member of Society in Switzerland

The Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland is comprised of about 50 groups and branches, which are all autonomous in the way they work. Its members do not always affiliate themselves to such a group, creating instead their own context and relation.

Anyone who is interested in the work within the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland can inform him or herself about its events through the online calender or get the information from the regional or thematic groups.

Everyone who wants to become a member can contact a regional group or join directly.


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The Swiss Anthroposophic Society applies individual data only for own purposes and does not transmit them to any third party. It administers its own data bank and addresses. These addresses are neither rented nor sold to anybody.