«The Anthroposophical Society shall hold a regular General Meeting at the Goetheanum each year, at which time the Vorstand shall present a full report with accounting. The agenda for this meeting shall be communicated by the Vorstand to all members, together with the invitation, six weeks before the meeting. [...]»

Foundation Statute §10 of the Anthroposophical Society (extract)

Conferences and Meetings

The Public Annual Conferences

The Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland organises public conferences in February and October every year. Members, friends and anyone who is interested are welcome.

The conferences in February always take place at the Goetheanum and until 2023 they will be devoted to the impulse of the Christmas Conference.

The conferences in October change their place from year to year. These conferences focus on themes that address the problems and needs of our times.

Last Conference
28 October 2017 |  «Nationalism and Community»  |  Station Circus, Basel-Dreispitz

Next Conferences
16-18 February 2018  |  «The second Goetheanum»  | 
Goetheanum, Dornach
27 October 2017 - theme and place will be communicated


The Conferences of the Delegates

The delegates and the committees of the groups and branches meet several times a year with the committee of the Swiss Society. At the centre of these meetings, besides issues of management, there are presentations of new initiatives, considerations of the spiritual conditions of the time and discussions of the requests and concerns of those responsible for the groups.

Conference of Working-Fields

The conference of working-fields consists of representatives of anthroposophically-oriented working fields in Switzerland. Inter alia, they come from the field of agriculture, medicine, pedagogy, social therapy, care of old people, arts and economics.

This strengthens the consciousness of responsibility between the different working fields and the national group and while at the same time fostering fruitful collaboration.