«The cultivation [of this genuine science of the spiritual world, elaborated for years past, and in important particulars already published] is to be the task of the Anthroposophical Society. It will endeavour to fulfill this task by making the anthroposophical spiritual science cultivated at the Goetheanum in Dornach the centre of its activities, together with all that results from this for brotherhood in human relationships and for the moral and religious as well as the artistic and cultural life.»

Foundation Statute §2 of the Anthroposophical Society (extract)


Initiative-Forum for Refugees

Regularly, the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland provides a forum in which people from different places of origin, living in Switzerland for a shorter or a longer period of time, can tell the stories of their life. Through their stories, those who seek protection in Switzerland are also able to express their current needs, while in the exchanges afterwards, accompanied by snacks and drinks, there is the chance that greater help becomes possible. Anyone interested is kindly invited. The meetings take place at Oberen Zielweg 60, 4143 Dornach.

Milena Kowarik
Tel  076 549 34 85  |  milenakowarik@gmx.ch

School of Spiritual Science Forum for Young People

The School of Spiritual Science Forum for Young People offers a space where questions about the School of Spiritual Science and the Anthroposophical Society can be discussed and worked through together.

For this purpose, various class holders are invited regularly to deepen certain topics through conversations or artistic approaches.

The format depends on the questions of the participants, where both class members and non-members are invited.

Thus, lively discussions develop ranging from the structure of the Society and School, questions of membership to esoteric themes connected to the School of Spiritual Science.

For further details and upcoming sessions, please contact Milena Kowarik.

Milena Kowarik
Tel  076 549 34 85  |  milenakowarik@gmx.ch


This initiative is an organ of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland. Begun in 2005, the centre of its work is the endeavour to support the dignity of human beings in old age. A coordination centre connects voluntary helpers with people who have contacted Widar because of their sorrows and needs.

Widar Activities: Helping older people, such as reading aloud, going for walks, shopping, housekeeping or support in financial matters; a monthly Widar-Culture-Café in Dornach; training courses for helpers; Christmas donations.

Hana Römer und Nanna Osmer
Oberer Zielweg 60
4143 Dornach
Tel  061 706 84 42  |  widar@anthroposophie.ch