«The Anthroposophical Society sees the School of Spiritual Science in Dornach as a centre for its activity. [...] Members of the Society will be admitted to the School on their own application after a period of membership to be determined by the leadership at the Goetheanum. They enter in this way the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science.»

Foundation Statute §5 of the Anthroposophical Society (extract)

Becoming Member of the School

On becoming a member of the School of Spiritual Science, one enters the First Class and the General Anthroposophical Section.

Anyone can ask for admission to join the School who has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for at least two years, time enough for those who do so to have developed an understanding for anthroposophy and what it means to represent anthroposophy in the world today, this being the condition for becoming a member of the School.

To become a member, one contacts a local representative of the School of Spiritual Science – see contact form below – with whom one has a conversation. The aim of this conversation is get to know one another, to clarify what membership entails, and to lay a basis for future cooperation.

The second step is a handwritten letter addressed to the leadership of the School at the Goetheanum. This letter contains a brief description of one's biography, a sketch of one's relationship to Anthroposophy and a note about one's age and date of joining the Anthroposophical Society. Further, it should evidence one’s aspirations in regard to , and inner readiness for meeting the responsibility that comes with being a representative of anthroposophy.

This letter is given to the contact person who will send it together with his or her recommendation to the leadership of the School at the Goetheanum, who will then issue a membership card which will be given to the applicant by the contact person.